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Track & Trace

Track & Trace

Key tasks for your business

  • Timely and loss-free implementation of labeling and serialization 
  • Transformation of the IT landscape to implement new solutions 
  • Complex coordination of own resources and suppliers 
  • Compliance with laws, standards and regulatory requirements 
  • Reliable solution of problems for the long run and for reasonable money

Our services

Track & Trace: labeling and serialization

  • Design of target business processes
  • Development of requirements for the systems implementation and the implementation methodology 
  • Development of the target architecture of systems and integration solutions 
  • Project management for enterprise and IT landscape transformation projects to implement T&T 
  • Quality control of T&T solutions implementation 
  • Support of implemented solutions daily usage and advice on systems operations

Our digital solutions

Track & Trace by Kept

Labeling system

Track & Trace Analytics by Kept

System for automating the receipt of reports from the State Information System for Monitoring the Movement of Medicines