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Intellectual Property

Our practice brings together highly qualified lawyers, patent attorneys, as well as IT and security specialists

Intellectual Property

Kept Intellectual Property practice provides a wide range of intellectual property services to companies in all segments of today’s economy.

The practice brings together highly qualified lawyers, patent attorneys, as well as IT and security specialists.

Kept provides intellectual property services in the following areas:

Legal due diligence of intellectual property items, including:

Legal support of transactions on the acquisition of companies owning intellectual property items, including:

Setting up an intellectual property management system in companies, including:

Intellectual property consulting, including:

Registration of intellectual property items, including:

Protection of trade secrets and confidential information, including:

Protection of the rights of owners of intellectual property items against violations, including:

Protection of business interests through lawmaking

Kept experts are actively involved in the legislative work, in particular, they participate in the work of the task force groups under the RF Ministry of Finance and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on the development of legislation on agreements to protect and promote capital investments, including in terms of the possibility of developing and protecting intellectual property created under such agreements.


The lawyers of the practice have been regularly recognized by the rating agency Best Lawyers as leading consultants in the field of intellectual property in Russia.

You can find the full description of our services and examples of projects by downloading the brochure here.


Intellectual Property Services
29 November 2022

Intellectual Property Services

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