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Cyber security and digital forensics

Cyber security and digital forensics

Key tasks for your business

  • Balance between information security and ease of doing business 
  • Timely and effective response to cyber challenges and threats 
  • Prevention of business interruption in the event of cyber incidents, and minimization of damages 
  • Compliance with regulators’ requirements on information protection 
  • Protection of the company’s information along the entire chain of suppliers and partners

Our services

  • Penetration testing and social engineering
  • Personal data processing and protection services
  • Analysis of security of the network infrastructure and application systems
  • Assessment of compliance with the Central Bank of Russia information security requirements
  • Response to information security incidents and their investigation
  • Information security training platform Kept Cyber Security School
  • Computer forensics
  • Audit of service providers’ controls (SOC2/SOC3 reports)
  • Strategy preparation, processes development and information security risk analysis
  • Data mining (E-Discovery)

Our digital solutions

Kept Cyber Security School

Information security culture training platform for users