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Kept Foundation

Charitable foundation to support the development of high quality social services for socially and physically vulnerable children

Kept Foundation

Kept has established its own corporate charitable foundation to provide comprehensive support to the development of high quality social services for socially and physically disadvantaged children in Russia. This relates to children with developmental disorders and physical disabilities, children from vulnerable families or the orphanage residents.

Who we help

The KPMG Charitable Foundation supports two types of organizations:

  1. Expert service NPOs that use modern social technologies in their work and are engaged in delivering services to vulnerable children.
  2. NPOs that facilitate the expansion of the best social technologies through training sessions or conference arrangements.

We support these funds as their professional work has a direct impact on the quality of life and availability of opportunities for vulnerable children and their families. Their services are tailored to special needs of such children. These organizations do not promise short-term results but they are working hard to achieve the desired goals. These goals are unique for each child and depend on his or his family’s individual needs. As for the children with special needs, someone aim to maintain postural stability for most of the day, others — to walk on their own, communicate using special cards, practice and develop patience or simply be able to stay in one room with other children.

All our partner funds are expert organizations able to solve the toughest cases. Their leading experts are recognized authorities in this professional field. We believe that if we want vulnerable children to get access to high-quality services, it is necessary to support leading service providers. It is also essential to support organizations conducting expert training and theme conferences for professionals as it enables market entry and further expansion of advanced services, as well as facilitates their accessibility to vulnerable children.